We Just Sent an Extremist Packing - And Elected a Champion

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Posted on November 8, 2011 - 10:47pm by nadine.

Michael Smith Wins Largo City Commission Race!

Great news! Tonight Michael Smith won his historic race to become the first LGBT person to win a seat on the Largo City Commission. Michael defeated a long time incumbent known for her anti-gay beliefs. The victory is sweeter because of the incumbent's history of appealing to prejudice. She led the charge to have the City Manager fired for being transgender. Michael's opponent appealed to homophobia once again, but the tactic backfired. Longtime supporters deserted her and Michael won tonight’s election with 53.97% of the vote.

Thank you to all of the Equality Florida members who supported Michael’s campaign.

The evening was a clean sweep for all the Equality Florida PAC endorsed candidates. Congratulations are also in order to Steve Kornell, Charles Gerdes and Wengay Newton.

Click after the jump to see Equality Florida Action PACs Endorsement of Michael Smith

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Remember when the City of Largo, FL, fired their manager for being transgender?
Now we can right a wrong.

Equality Florida Action PAC is proud to announce it's endorsement of Michael Smith for Largo City Commission, Seat One.

Michael Smith

Election Day is Nov. 8th, 2011

Michael Smith, who would become Largo's first gay commissioner, is running a strong grassroots campaign. He has also been endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats of Pinellas County, the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, the Largo Firefighters Association, and St. Pete councilman Steve Kornell.

>>Click here to help Michael win<<

Michael's opponent, Mary Gray Black, has a dark history of anti-LGBT discrimination.

In 2007, with Black leading the charge, the Largo City Commission made national headlines when they voted to fire then city manager Steve Stanton, when they learned that Steve was transgender and was planning to transition to Susan Stanton.

Today Susan has moved on and was welcomed as the City Manager of Lake Worth, Florida, but Black is still on the dais in Largo.

On Nov. 8th we have the chance to send Black packing by electing the first LGBT person to the Largo City Commission.

Michael Smith is a Pinellas County native, born in Largo. Michael is a librarian by trade and was appointed by Mayor Gerard to serve on the Largo Historical Preservation Advisory Committee. In addition to his support of LGBT issues, he believes in a common-sense approach to fiscal responsibility and wants to preserve the quality of life in Largo.

Click here to help Michael make history by being the first LGBT person elected to the Largo City Commission.

Paid political advertisement, paid for by Equality Florida Action PAC, P.O. Box 13184 Saint Petersburg, Fl 33733. Approved by Michael Smith.

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