BREAKING: Key West Approves Equal Benefits Ordinance Unanimously!

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Posted on February 22, 2012 - 10:29pm by stratton.

Just moments ago the Key West City Commission voted unanimously to approve an Equal Benefits Ordinance (EBO), a measure that will require the city's vendors to provide employees' domestic partners with benefits equal to those offered to spouses of married employees.

Send a note to the Key West City Commission thanking them for their leadership.

By enacting this ordinance, the City of Key West adopts one of the nation's most significant policies furthering workplace equality. Tonight, Key West continues its long history of leadership in the area of human rights by delivering on the promise of One Human Family.

Key West has once again demonstrated that this is a community that values diversity and fairness. The new ordinance will help ensure that unmarried domestic partners, gay and straight, receive the same respect and support as their married co-coworkers.

Thank you Commissioner Jimmy Weekley for spearheading this important new policy. And thank you to the mayor and entire commission for your strong support for equality.


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