Equality Florida’s statement on the public outcry regarding Chick-Fil-A funneling millions to anti-gay groups

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Posted on August 3, 2012 - 2:18pm by Sue.

(August 3, 2012) The following statement can be attributed to Nadine Smith, executive director for Equality Florida:

“The firestorm currently engulfing Chick-Fil-A has been years in the making and reaches far beyond the recent incendiary remarks of its President, Dan Cathy. Chick-Fil-A has donated at least $5 million dollars to organizations whose primary focus is to dehumanize LGBT people and to pass laws that treat us as second-class citizens. Among Chick-Fil-A’s benefactors is Exodus International, infamous advocates for discredited and harmful "ex-gay" reparative therapy. The American Family Association and the Family Research Council also receive Chick-Fil-A dollars and are both Southern Poverty Law Center designated hate groups with close ties to those calling for the execution of gay people in Africa.

The fuel that continues to feed this fire is the knowledge that a portion of every dollar spent at Chick-Fil-A winds up supporting the discriminatory work of these anti-gay groups. While some will protest at Chick-Fil-A establishments today, most will not. They have simply chosen to spend their money elsewhere, resulting is a devastating 40% decline in the health of company’s brand since this controversy arose, according to industry experts.(1)

The franchise operators I’ve spoken with were unaware of how the profits they generate are being used and they lament being tarnished with corporate’s anti-gay image. They understand that a one-day bump in sales is nothing compared to the long-term damage being done. We encourage conscientious consumers to express their disappointment by contacting Chick-Fil-A corporate at (866) 232-2040 or visiting http://www.chick-fil-a.com/Connect/Contact-Us-CARES .”



TPAKyle (not verified) says:

August 3, 2012 - 2:55pm

I am aware of one CFA franchisee in New Hampshire that has taken a different approach by sponsoring this year's Pride Celebration. Clearly not all CFA franchisees are of the same mind set as Mr. Cathy.

Given the negative impact that a CFA Corporate Officer's public comments and the Company's philanthropic activity have had on brand image, customer impression and decline in sales, I'm wondering when CFA franchisees will pursue a legal remedy for lost profits and damage caused by Cathy's lack of fiduciary responsibility as well as that of the Executive team and Board who through WinShape, no doubt, approved the controversial charitable contributions to those anti-gay organizations.

Perhaps there is a law firm working on a class action for franchisees as we speak. Certainly time will demonstrate, as it has many times previously, that bigotry is not good business.

Sam Equality Deetz (not verified) says:

August 3, 2012 - 5:59pm

Thank you, Nadine for another well researched and articulately written piece which I feel will help illuminate what this is all about. It is not simply about the right for same sex couples to marry, or of those opposed, to voice their disagreement! Rather, it is the troubling idea of all these people, many of whom are Christians, or profess to be, blindly donating by patronizing, to such an atrocity as the legalizing of mass slaughter of LGBT people in poor African countries as supported by the Chick Fil-A donations. I saw pictures on TV of youngsters standing in line with fists raised in the air, and of senior women smiling brightly from inside the Chick Fil A dining area as they ate their tainted chicken meals... possibly unaware, while practising their activism, of the full story of this horrible homophobia! I will be sharing your peice on my page!

Anonymous (not verified) says:

August 14, 2012 - 12:54am

It is disgusting to think that I purchased Chick-Fil-A , 3-4 days a week for 9 years !. All the while their CEO was donating money to discriminate against the LGBT population. I will NEVER buy from another Chick-Fil-A in any state !. There are numerous other restaurants to support with our business . A pastor named James Book came out in support of Chatty Cathy in the Orlando Sentinel 2 weeks ago quoting his religious beliefs in support of discrimination based on the fact that Cathy has the right to speak his mind and it is reverse discrimination when we boycott such a business !. They truly do not get it !.You have to live it to understand it !. We must be never ending in speaking out against anyone who espouses civil discrimination and uses our money to support their efforts !. Denying gays the right to marry is Civil discrimination !. There are those who have no desire to get married and that's fine, but we need their help in speaking out against such bigotry. The Orlando Magic / Devos clan has also spent incredible amounts of money doing the same thing!.

Anonymous (not verified) says:

October 25, 2012 - 9:39pm

Sometimes you simply have to say no. That may mean that you have to turn down a deal or a business opportunity because when you are growing, if you dilute your resources across too many customers then you may find that they don’t get the service levels they deserve.-Tax Tiger


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