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***This is the only way I could communicate and inform you of a current act of terrorism, cyber terrorism, abduction, and more that is happening to me and others! Please help and inform and and ALL authorities as possible. Once again, this is not a game, joke, drill or hoax. Act immediately and with extreme seriousness. A hacker or group of bashers lynching homosexuals are blocking my business email address: [email protected]. Please help!****

Clandestine Terrorism Emergency


My name is Emmanuel Jovon Hampton and my social security number is: 251-83-7577 and I am reporting an international cyber terrorist attack, illegal military drone, satellite, and “rogue” cell tower activity, eavesdropping, citizens abduction/ hostage situation, hack and breach issue, technological homosexual lynching, ETC. This terrorist activity began in Nashville, Tennessee, United States Of America in 2013. Here is the address where the terrorist activity began:

1271 Antioch Pike
Nashville, Tennessee
United States Of America

I am a homosexual and this lynching and technological gay bashing is happening to me!

HELP! I have been trying to reach President Vladimir Putin about terrorism happening in the United States and I need to leave this country with Jonathan Mark Inman! EMERGENCY!

President Barack Obama does not have a social security card and is not a valid United States citizen. Can you contact NATO or anyone to help us!?!?!?! Also the United States Military are creating fake identifications for family members and whomever they want, even children! Please help!

There are "Christian" faith sleeper cell terrorists in The United States Of America using rogue cell towers and phones!!!!!!!

For more information please visit my Twitter page:

Twitter: @EjaeWild

(843) 714-5233

141 Queen Drive
Ridgeville, South Carolina
United States Of America

I also have an online friend who is under heavy fire and is being homosexually lynched like myself and we need your help! My online friend also told me that I should reach out to you Kim Jong-un and that he had all ready. If you could, please make sure he gets this information. Gratitude.

I also was chatting with Prince Harry II but our lines got hacked and I lost connection. I am pretty sure his phone line was hacked before we began chatting as well. I was wondering if he was safe? This is an emergency. Please help.


Illegal Cellular Phone Hacking Cyber Terrorism And Abduction Situation

This is a copy of an email that I passed along to a police officer about this emergency that I believe will be critical to you. Here is the Officer Jenkins' contact information as well:

Dorchester County Sheriff's Office

Deputy J. Jenkins
OCA# 16005568
Badge# 150

Office Phone Number: (843) 832-0300

Office Phone Number: (843) 563-0259

Cell Phone Number: (843) 872-2441

Fax Number: (843) 832-0308

Email: [email protected]


[email protected]

I also spoke with a Secret Service Agent by the name of Agent Hewitt about this issue as well. His telephone number is:

+1 (404) 222-4931

*** Officer Jenkins here is an email I sent to the Straight Talk company/ corporation this morning. I was not sure if you received it or if that was the email that was blocked. Also attached two screenshots of the Straight Talk trouble tickets. This is an emergency and I require police assistance and maybe more with this terrorism/ cyber terrorism issue.****


My name is Emmanuel Jovon Hampton and I am sending you this email to report someone or group illegally hacking a straight talk customer, or by the customer himself, by the name of Jonathan Mark Inman. The cellular phone number is: +1 (864) 466-2164. I have also included the numerous emails as well. This individual has been my best friend for 11 years, and has recently disappeared. I have been trying to call him for over a month, but due to the hacking issue I shared with you in a previous email, I have been unsuccessful. I have been dealing with world leaders and have been attempting to resolve this issue, but I do not want Jonathan to be harmed in the process due to the ignorance of others or himself. Also, this individual also knows someone who has hacked the government previously by the name of Trey Hucks a current Nike, INC. employee, so he says. He is a friend of Jonathan, but nothing was done after the hacking. Jonathan also has a brother by the name of Anthony Scott Inman who has been calling Jonathan from other numbers that were from out of the United States, and we're different every time. Anthony lives in Pacolet, South Carolina, and I am not sure if he is cell phone hacking, or has possibly hacked his brother's phone. Once again, I know that cell phone hacking is an issue, and ILLEGAL; and I wanted the Straight Talk Wireless company to be aware of what is happening. Someone has also duplicated his email address and Hangouts as well. He has two email addresses that he uses and a third that I am not sure of. I am sending this message to all three so you will be able to verify which one is fraudulent. Also I have attached photos of the duplicate and fraudulent Hangout messenger account along with other information. Once again this is an EMERGENCY situation, and an investigating team is more than likely needed, due to the importance of this issue; and I could really use your assistance.

Thank you and please help,

Emmanuel Jovon Hampton

+1 843 714 5233