Ex-gays want protection at Disney

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Posted on October 16, 2009 - 1:53pm by Anonymous.

Ex-gays want protection at Disney

October 14, 2009 in: Gay Rights

Here's an excerpt:

"Ex-Gay" groups are asking Disney stockholders to pass a shareholder resolution asking the Walt Disney Company to include the prohibition of discrimination based on ex-gay status in its sexual orientation policy and diversity training programs.

"The resolution cites the need for diversity and equality in the workplace," said Regina Griggs, executive director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX).

The supporting statement for the resolution explains that, "Disney's exclusion of ex-gays from its sexual orientation policy and programs reinforces the second-class status of ex-gays, and contributes to the negative perceptions and discrimination against former homosexuals."

Disney has not yet acted upon the resolution.....


sharon (not verified) says:

October 18, 2009 - 4:28pm

Hmm, I thought "ex-gay" would equate to either straight or back in the closet. I agree with Robert, either way, "sexual orientation" seems like it would cover all.

Lawrence Wald (not verified) says:

October 18, 2009 - 6:48am

Wouldn't "ex-gay" be straight? If not, who are "ex-gays" having relationships with? Hmmm

ALLAN HENDRICKS (not verified) says:

October 17, 2009 - 1:00am

so be it..... all two fo em'

Robert Prather (not verified) says:

October 16, 2009 - 8:45pm

Hmm... Maybe I'm being short-sighted but wouldn't "sexual orientation" include so-called "ex-gays"?

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