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Reggae Artist Mista Majah P Takes on Homophobia

International reggae artist Mista Majah P formerly known Major P has released the world’s first pro-gay reggae album.

Guide for Shelters and Transgender Evacuees

From North Carolina to New York City,thousands of people have already evacuated their homes to escape Hurricane Irene’s path. Among them are transgender people who, like others, don’t have anywhere else to turn to except for evacuation shelters.

Considering the unique difficulties transgender evacuees encounter, NCTE, Lambda Legal, and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force have issued these simple guidelines to assist shelters in making their spaces safe for transgender people.

Download the resource and share it with evacuation shelters in your area.

Justice for Ryan Skipper

Adopt Equality Video Gallery

Equality Florida & In The Life Media Present: Adopt Equality

Nadine Smith delivers letter to President Obama

New York Recognizes Marriage Equality

Release Date: 
June 25, 2011

Media Statement



Brian Winfield, Communications Director -Tampa, (727) 488-7799

Stratton Pollitzer, Deputy Director- Miami, (954) 682-6094

Joe Saunders, Field Director - Orlando, (407) 497-4986

Mallory Wells, Public Policy Director - Gainesville, (407) 617-6682


Harvey Milk Foundation to Honor Equality Florida Deputy Director Stratton Pollitzer

Release Date: 
August 18, 2011

News Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, (August 18, 2011)


Brian Winfield, Communications Director, (727) 488-7799



Most states likely to spurn gay-marriage bandwagon

Release Date: 
July 25, 2011

As hundreds of jubilant gay couples became newlyweds in New York over the weekend, their well-wishers included many far-flung gays wistfully aware that their own states may never willingly allow same-sex marriage.

Census Info Out; LGBT Households Up in FL

Hey all you numbers dorks out there, the long awaited Census data for Florida is finally out. One of the big take-aways from the data is the increase in the number of LGBT households in Florida.According to the data, the number of LGBT households increased by 60%

FL's Redistricting could pit Republicans against fellow Republicans

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

TALLAHASSEE — When Florida voters swept Republicans to record-level super majorities in the legislature and congressional delegation last fall, the bulked-up GOP looked like it had little to fear from shrinking Democrats.