BIG NEWS: Amendment 7 Thrown Off Ballot

Big news out of Tallahassee today. Leon County Judge Terry Lewis has removed Amendment 7 from the 2012 ballot. The amendment, put on the ballot by the Republican controlled legislature, would have lifted the prohibition on state money going to religious institutions. 

Supporters of the amendment said it was to repeal a law based in anti-Catholic bigotry. Opponents of the amendment said it would have been used to give state money to private, religious based schools. The amendment would have also opened the door to LGBT discrimination throughout the state, including in areas where protections exist. 

Judge Lewis threw the amendment out in a response to a lawsuit brought forward by the Florida Education Association. The amendment could still go on the ballot, however. The judge ruled that Attorney General Pam Bondi should be able to rewrite the ballot summary and then send it to voters.


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