[BREAKING NEWS] Dirty Tricks! Opposition Faking Emails on Domestic Partnership Bill

Anti-gay opponents of the Families First bill (SB 196), a proposed statewide domestic partnership registry, appear to be spoofing email addresses in order to fake opposition to the bill currently before the Florida Legislature.

The stealing of email addresses came to the attention of Equality Florida after several members of our coalition partner, Get Equal, received unsolicited responses from a Florida legislators thanking them for their email in opposition to Families First.

"Dirty tricks like this reek of desperation," said Sue Hoffman, New Media Director for Equality Florida."Domestic partnership laws enjoy broad support in Florida and nationally, especially among business communities who recognize the importance of supporting diversity to create a vibrant workforce." 

The Florida Senate Committee on Children, Families and Elder Affairs will be holding the hearing on the statewide domestic partnership registry, TODAY, February 19 at 1PM. 

Show your support right now. Click here to call or send an e-mail to the Florida Senators asking them to vote YES on the Families First bill. 


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