Census Info Out; LGBT Households Up in FL

Hey all you numbers dorks out there, the long awaited Census data for Florida is finally out. One of the big take-aways from the data is the increase in the number of LGBT households in Florida.According to the data, the number of LGBT households increased by 60%

Does this mean that Florida is rapidly being taken over by the gays? Well, a little. Gary Gates from the fabulous think-tank The Williams Institute, says the increase is a reflection of more LGBT people moving to Florida, but also the increased number of people coming out of the closet and willing to be counted. 

He also added, "The magnitude of the increase suggests there has been a shift in social acceptance among same-sex couples in Florida," Gates said." Booyah.

Equality Florida's very handsome Communications Director, Brian Winfield, said "There are 12 or 13 Florida cities or counties that offer domestic-partner protection, and that means 6.7 million people or about one in three Floridians live in communities that recognize domestic partners. Clearly Florida has become a more welcoming place." That's a lot of people! 

The data clearly shows that LGBT people are everywhere. Lawmakers are no longer able to claim there are no LGBT people in their districts. 

Go here to see the full list of counties, cities and their number of LGBT households. Here are some highlights:

* Broward County led Florida with the greatest numbers of LGBT households with 9,125.
* Miami-Dade County had 7,436 LGBT households. 
* Orange County had the 3rd highest number of LGBT households with 4,751. 
* 52% of same-sex households were male couples, 48% were female couples


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