Chick-Fil-A Donated Millions To Anti-Gay Groups

Even before the Chick-fil-A's COO Dan Cathy was making the rounds calling gay couples marrying "twisted", the chicken sandwich king was doling out big bucks to some of the most notorious anti-gay organizations working to block equal rights for the LGBT.

The company has donated nearly $5 million over the past 9 years to homophobic organizations like the Family Research Council and Exodus International, and their donations are getting larger and larger. In 2010 alone, Chick-fil-A donated over $1.9 million to anti-gay causes, more than any other year for which public records are available.

While the these groups encourage their supporters to eat at Chick-fil-a today to support discrimination, let your lunch money support equality and fairness.

A $6.50 contribution can help underwrite training materials for a Gay Straight Alliance Leadership Institute or cover the cost of water and clipboards for our election volunteers.

Take a stand today. Let them know we don't give our lunch money to bullies anymore.

Donate $6.50 - the price of a Chick-fil-A meal - toward inclusion and equality, a combo we can all agree on.


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