Equality Florida Staff Meet With Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer on Domestic Partner Registry

Equality Florida's Field Director, Joe Saunders and Field Coordinator, Michael Farmer were part of a group of LGBT leaders who met Wednesday with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and City Commissioner Ortiz. The group met at Orlando's LGBT Chamber of Commerce Headquarters to discuss the City's proposed Domestic Partnership Registry and other issues important to the LGBT community. Mayor Dyer and Commissioner Ortiz reaffirmed their commitment to ushering through the passage of a Domestic Partnership Registry in the City of Orlando as early as this Fall. They cited the need to extend these vital protections for LGBT families, but also noted that having a registry would help make The City of Orlando a top competitor for the nations best and brightest talent and corporations. 

Having a Domestic Partnership Registry would provide critical protections like hospital visitation, limited parental rights, the right to visit your partner in jail and end of life decision making.There are over 200,000 people living in the City of Orlando and over 1 million people living in surrounding Orange County. Orlando's Mayor Dyer has urged Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs and the County Commission to join the City in extending these vital protections. You can sign the petition to help urge Orange County to join the City of Orlando here.

(Photo: Patrick Howell, Log Cabin Republicans, Mikael Audebert, VP of MBA - Orlando's LGBT Chamber, Michael Farmer, EQFL's Field Coordinator, Joe Saunders, EQFL's Field Director, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, Gina Duncan, President of MBA - Orlando's LGBT Chamber, Randy Stephens, Executive Director, Central Florida GLCC, Mary Meeks, OADO.)



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