Bi-partisan bill introduced to give federal workers DP benefits

Last week, a bi-partisan bill was introduced that would give federal workers domestic partner benefits. In the Senate, the bill was introduced by Senator Joe Lieberman, an Independent and Senator Susan Collins, a Republican. In the House, openly gay Representative Tammy Baldwin and our favorite Florida Republican ally, Ilena Ros-Lehinten. 

The bill allows federal employees and their same-sex domestic partners to participate in federal retirement, worker's compensation, life insurance, health insurance, and family medical leave benefits.

If the bill is passed, the federal government will be joining in on a growing trend. Nearly 60% of Fortune 500 companies offer health care benefits to domestic partners. Eighteen state governments and at least 150 municipalities throughout the country, including several in Florida, offer similar benefits. 

In a press release, Rep. Tammy Baldwin said, “The federal government must set an example as an equal opportunity employer. If we are to treat all federal employees fairly and recruit the best and the brightest to serve in government, we need this legislation.”



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