Daily Show Correspondent Crashes Gov. Scott Press Conference

Governor Rick Scott's press conference today on his proposed budget was a little more exciting than usual. Assif Mandvi, a Daily Show correspondent, showed up to ask the Governor a very important question. Mandvi stood up and asked the governor if he would be willing to pee in a cup since tax payer money is going toward his job.

The Governor responded, "I've done it plenty of times."

Mandvi then attempted to pass a cup through the crowd to the Governor. When the Governor didn't take the cup Mandvi said, "I hate to keep harping on this, but will you pee into the cup?"

One can only imagine this was filmed for a Daily Show segment on the law requiring state employees to take a drug test and another on welfare recipients. 

Assif Mandvi grew up in the Tampa area and attended USF, majoring in theatre. 


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