URGENT: 120 Students Need Our Help

Budget Cuts Threaten Our Largest Student Summit

Next week more than 100 student leaders from 22 schools are planning to gather for our largest anti-bullying Leadership Summit.

But they can't get there without your help.

Our partners in the Broward School District called upset at the news that due to budget cuts they've lost all funding for buses to get students to the summit.

We told them we are committed to ensuring every student who wants to attend can get there.

Please help us keep that promise. Your contribution of $15 will cover the cost of one student attending the Leadership Summit.

Studies show the Florida students hear anti-gay slurs as many as 26 times a day and that bullying is rampant.

As part of our work to stop bullying in our schools, Equality Florida hosts these powerful day-long leadership trainings in school districts across the state for the presidents and officers of high school and middle school Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) student groups.

We have built a statewide network of over 130 GSAs and these support groups are literally a lifeline for LGBT students -a rare place where they can feel safe and supported.

Our students need these valuable skills now more than ever. Please help us ensure every student can attend with your gift today.


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