[VIDEO] EBay, Ancestry.com and 1-800-Contacts Threaten To Leave Utah Unless LGBT Employment Protections are Passed

EQFL NOTE: Right now, Equality Florida members from across the state are participating in our annual Lobby Days. They've joined out staff to meet with Florida Legislators to ask them to pass the Competitive Workforce Act; a bill which would protect LGBT Floridians in employment, housing and public accommodations. Our members are bravely sharing their personal stories of discrimination while doing the tough work of educating Legislators about why these protections are good for economic development and jobs. In this tough economy our Legislators should be looking looking at every opportunity to give our state a comepetitive advantage in bringing jobs to our state. Call your Legislator today and tell them you support the Florida Competitive Workforce Act. 

"Some of the biggest names in the world online business came together last month in Utah and told state legislators that unless they pass legislation ensuring LGBT employment protection rights, they can kiss any new jobs, and possibly all the jobs in that state, goodbye.

Representatives from big box web companies such as Ancestry.com, 1-800-Contacts and online auction giant eBay told Utah state legislators that unless laws were passed to ensure LGBT job securities, it would be difficult for them to recruit industry experts to the state, thus hitting them at their bottom line."

See the full blog post from addictinginfo.org here. 





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