Vote NO on Amendments 6 & 8

Florida faces many important decisions in the upcoming election- but there are some really important items that will be on your ballot you may have not heard about. 

This year there will be 11 proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot- all of which were put there by the Florida legislature (*que the alarm bells*). Two of those amendments- 6 & 8- have real consequences for Florida's LGBT community. That's why Equality Florida is saying vote NO on Amendments 6 & 8 this November.

Amendment 6- Florida Abortion

An Attack on Privacy Laws

  1. It is a direct attack on Florida's privacy laws that are at the heart of the LGBT anti-discrimination laws and a woman's right to make her own private medical and reproductive decisions.
  2. It would allow politicians to step in between a woman and her doctor.
  3. It would prohibit health insurance companies from covering medical procedures necessary to protect a woman's health. 

Amendment 8- Religious Freedom

Tax Payer Funding of Discrimination

  1. It could potentially invalidate ALL of the local non-discrimination policies around the state that protect LGBT people.
  2. It's about taxpayer funding of religion.
  3. It requires zero oversight or responsibility, which could lead to misuse of taxpayer money and massive fraud. 

Don't let the titles of these amendments fool you! Both have dangerous consequences for LGBT people and women. Vote No on Amendment 6 & 8 this November. 


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