MEDIA STATEMENT: Equality Florida's Calls for Action on Kaitlyn Hunt Trial.

Statement from Nadine Smith, Equality Florida

"We call on Bruce Colton, Indian River State Attorney, to drop felony charges that are threatening Kaitlyn Hunt, a high school senior, with 15 years in prison as a result of a relationship between her and her varsity basketball teammate.

Because Kaitlyn turned 18 before graduation, State Attorney Colton is prosecuting her under a law intended to protect children from being preyed on by adults.

Kaitlyn and her parents have been given until Friday to decide whether to go to trial and have the most intimate details of the relationship played out in public or to take a plea agreement that includes forever being labeled a sex offender, two years house arrest, one year probation and mandatory treatment as a sexual predator.

This is an outrageous misapplication of the law that will destroy the lives of two high school teenagers, while doing nothing to serve justice.

We hold out hope that common sense will prevail and the damage that already has been done will be mitigated by halting any felony prosecution.

The release of the police report with intimate details was unconscionable - a humiliation few of us could have endured in high school.  We are concerned for the emotional welfare of both of these teenagers under the stress of these avoidable circumstances.

Equality Florida is also reaching out to Florida lawmakers to address the failings of the law that criminalizes high school students and is too often used by parents who object to the race, ethnicity or gender of the schoolmate their teenager is dating."


Take Action Today by Clicking Here and sending a letter to the State Attorney.





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