Florida School District Shows Support for LGBT Students

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The Miami-Dade School District in Florida (the fourth largest in the nation) has finally updated their anti-bullying policy to include gender identity. After adding Miami-Dade to the mix, nearly 60% of Florida’s students are now protected by anti-bully policies for sexual orientation and gender identity, according to Equality Florida.

“This is a tipping point for the state but our work continues until every school district large and small provides these vital protections,” Stratton Pollitzer, Equality Florida's Deputy Director, said.

Equality Florida, the largest LGBT civil rights group in the state, has been working to protect LGBT students since 2008, when they successfully had the anti-bullying Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All Student Act passed. The group fought hard to include gender identity to school district policies, but students and adults in the community and other organizations took part in helping pass this.

Miami-Dade PTA member Karen Rivo said, “The PTA has long recognized the importance of protecting all children including our LGBT students. We're proud to have partnered for years with Equality Florida, and we're proud of the role we played in pushing these new protections forward.”

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