New York Recognizes Marriage Equality

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Brian Winfield, Communications Director -Tampa, (727) 488-7799

Stratton Pollitzer, Deputy Director- Miami, (954) 682-6094

Joe Saunders, Field Director - Orlando, (407) 497-4986

Mallory Wells, Public Policy Director - Gainesville, (407) 617-6682


Equality Florida released the following statement, by Deputy Director Stratton Pollitzer, regarding New York’s recognition of marriage equality:

“ This victory is particularly special for Florida’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. So many Floridians either came from New York, have 2nd homes there, or have friends and family in New York. Because of these close ties, many gay and lesbian couples from Florida will decide to go to New York to get married and they will return to Florida, where their legal marriages are not yet recognized by our state or federal governments.

Here in Florida we are also moving in the direction of equality, and today 6.7 million Floridians live in communities that recognize our families with domestic partnership benefits.

Our goal in Florida is the same as our friends' in New York, and this victory is a turning point that brings us much closer to full marriage equality for all of our families."


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