Shame On You NBC Channel 8- Time to Admit Your Mistakes

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Posted on June 30, 2009 - 4:54pm by Anonymous.

This past Saturday, as tens-of-thousands of Tampa Bay residents celebrated at St. Pete Pride, Tampa's NBC Ch. 8, WFLA, screened the ugly and dangerous anti-gay infomercial -Silencing Christians.

Help us DEMAND a public apology from NBC 8, WFLA and STOP this bigoted program from running elsewhere in Florida!

The moment we heard about the show, Equality Florida jumped into action and you responded. In just two hours, EQFL members in Tampa Bay

  • Sent 1,000 email letters to WFLA
  • Made hundreds of phone calls

After talking with Equality Florida, WFLA held an emergency meeting of top executives to review this program. Their decision: General Manager, Mike Pumo, said there were "no red flags" regarding the show's content and proceeded to air it.

Click here to send a letter demanding an apology.

Responsible stations across the country have refused to air this dangerous homophobic propaganda, but not WFLA, sister company to the Tampa Tribune and

Instead, WFLA NBC 8 chose to make $35,000 dollas off the demonization and dehumanization of LGBT people in Tampa Bay.

Don't let these homophobic lies go unchallenged!

With your donation, we'll launch a multi-pronged strategy to:

  1. Demand WFLA issue a public apology for airing this dangerous infomercial.
  2. Train 100 grassroots leaders from every corner of Florida on how to organize when these attacks happen locally (Equality Campaign Training is July 11-12)
  3. Urge WFLA's advertisers to punish the station for running this awful program
  4. Challenge this show anytime it's scheduled to air in any Florida market.


Help us fight these lies-
we can't do it without YOU!

Please give just $25

We'll put your gift to work immediately to:

  • Organize our community and keep the pressure on WFLA
  • Train 100 grassroots activist leaders in Orlando
  • Challenge any Florida stations planning to run this bigoted program
  • Contact businesses to pull ads from stations that do

Equality Florida responds in the Press:

'Homophobic' showspurs angry calls, e-mails to WFLA - Jun 27, Tampa Tribune

"We have 20,000 members in the Tampa Bay area," Pollitzer said. "We reached maybe 10,000 through the e-mail network. And, we only sent this to the greater Tampa Bay area, to folks within this media market. All the calls are from people who watch WFLA.

"By broadcasting this homophobia," he said, "WFLA is willing to make a profit off the dehumanization of the Tampa Bay gay and lesbian community."

WFLA should have seen the red flags over antigay program - Jun 30, St Pete Times

"This show paints the entire gay community as being anti-Christian and that's just not true," said Brian Winfield, director of communications for Equality Florida. "On a day when tens of thousands of Tampa residents and their friends gathered together to celebrate diversity and pride, WFLA chose to profit from screening a show that was dehumanizing to gay people."


Anonymous (not verified) says:

July 8, 2009 - 12:30pm

Why not use the money you raise to launch a pro-gay rights/pro-marriage show. Fight fire with fire!!!

Anonymous (not verified) says:

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