#ForThe49: How You Can Take A Stand



By signing the pledge, you’re taking a decisive stand on the side of justice and equal protection for ALL. You’re promising to speak out against hatred, homophobia, and bigotry in any form they take. And you’re joining us as we build a country that welcomes, protects, and cherishes each and every one of us.

Participating in #ForThe49 is easy -- take a photo or record a short video (60 seconds or less) to share why taking a stand #ForThe49 is important to you. Post your video on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram), and don’t forget to use the hashtag #ForThe49. For examples and more details, click here

Share the #ForThe49 Pledge on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and help spread the word! You can also add a filter to your profile picture to show you stand #ForThe49.

The Pulse tragedy highlights how crucial it is that we make the most of every moment with loved ones, and that we commit to fully accepting and embracing all people for exactly who they are. A simple word of encouragement can mean so much - do it #ForThe49.

In times of celebration and in crisis, Equality Florida jumps in to advocate for you and our entire community, as we move Equality Forward in the Sunshine state. Our movement is at a turning point. In this crucial moment, can you contribute to making our work possible?

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