Legacy of Equality Society


Thank you for caring about the future of equality. It means a great deal to know that you are committed to the long range and lasting success of our mission to end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Estate planning is a smart move for everyone, regardless of age or income. For LGBT individuals and couples, it can be especially important to ensure that chosen loved ones and carefully selected charitable organizations benefit from their estates.

Please indicate below if you have already included Equality Florida in your estate planning or if you'd like to receive additional information.


Charlotte Anderson (deceased)
Daniel Ayers
David Bonnzzoli
Christopher Boykin
Joel Briskman
Richard Bunyan
Aldo Buono
Daniel Cotlowitz
Deon Davis
Philip Dearborn
Phil Dinkins
Jack Doren
Stephen Draft
Fran Epstein
Marty Falzack
Larry Glinzman
Mark Gordon
Mitch Grant
Robert Grossman
Tom Hall
John Hixenbaugh
Nace Hopple
Troy Hostetler
Sonny Hotchkiss
Vicki Hyatt
Kenny Jewett
Gerald Kennedy
Nate Klarfeld
Raphael Klarfeld
Ed Lally
Thom Leffler (deceased)
Bill Linehan
Sasha May
Kent McIntyre
Lynn McLaughlin
Scott J. Moore
Carlos Murphy
Fred Murray
Marisha Nowak
Ayenny Orovio
Joe Pallant
Joseph Peace
Allen Peterson
Stratton Pollitzer
Robert Prather
Todd Richardson
Woody Richey
Jeff Roehm-Perlman
Scott Roehm-Perlman
Joe Saunders
Tony Seguino
Barbara Signer
Andrea Smith
Nadine Smith
Paul Smith
Matthew Solan
Susana Taddei
John Tambasco
Samuel Thayer
Kevin Thompson Estate
Brent VanTice
Daniel VanTice
Bill Ward
David Webb
Paul Winters

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Our Legacy Society members are a group of generous and forward thinking Equality Florida supporters who have made a long range commitment to the success of our mission to bring full equality and justice to Florida’s LGBTQ community. Their gifts will benefit the next generations of LGBTQ people, whose equality battles are yet to be known. We have brought about great progress in the past, and staved off fierce challenges to that progress, and the future is expected to be no different. Thanks to our Legacy Society members, Equality Florida will have the resources necessary to overcome the hurdles that lay ahead to uproot bigotry and make Florida a safe and affirming place for all, no matter a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.