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Today, Millions of Floridians Become Eligible for Affordable Health Insurance


Today, October 1st, nearly 3 million more Floridians become eligible to receive quality, affordable health insurance through the Insurance Marketplace (previously called “Exchanges”) created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as "Obamacare."

Visiting is your first step toward obtaining quality, affordable health insurance through the Marketplace.

Pres Obama Includes Gay Parents in Adoption Proclamation

President Obama has included gay parents in a proclamation recognizing November as national adoption month.

Meet the Chin Family: Plaintiffs in the Florida Birth Certificate Lawsuit

On August 13, 2015, Debbie and Kari Chin - along with two other married same-sex couples and Equality Florida Institute - filed a federal lawsuit challenging Florida's refusal to list both same-sex spouses on their children's birth certificates.

Watch their video and read their interview to learn more about this brave couple who are heading to court to fight for Florida's LGBT families.

NEWS RELEASE: Equality Florida Asks Court to Tell Florida Officials to Follow the Law

Equality Florida Asks Court to Tell Florida Officials to
Follow the Law On Birth Certificates for Married Same-Sex Parents

August 14, 2015

(St. Petersburg) -- Florida officials responded to Equality Florida’s birth certificate lawsuit late Thursday by asking a federal judge to clarify the law. Equality Florida responded Friday by saying the law is already clear and urged District Judge Robert L. Hinkle to tell the state to start following it.

BREAKING: Equality Florida Institute heads back to court on behalf of LGBT Families

LAWSUIT: Florida is Breaking the Law By Refusing To Acknowledge
Married Same-Sex Couples As Parents on Birth Certificates

(Tallahassee, FL, August 13, 2015)—Just days ago, Cathy Pareto and Karla Arguello—the first same-sex couple to be married in Florida—celebrated the birth of their twin son and daughter. But the couple’s joy was soon mixed with fear and frustration when the hospital denied Cathy the right to add her name to the children’s birth certificates.

NEWS RELEASE: Florida Legislators push for statewide LGBT nondiscrimination protections

Legislators push for statewide LGBT nondiscrimination protections

As cases show, real discrimination persists
despite gains in some areas

August 11, 2015

The assistant manager of a hospital department in Kissimmee was commended often and promoted twice. But in November he was fired, after what he described as months of teasing about his sexual orientation from a new boss.

Equality Florida Sends 1,266 Signatures in Support of Inclusive Update to FL's Marriage Certificates

Today, August 5, Equality Florida delivered 1,266 signatures in support of the proposed inclusive update to Florida's marriage certificates by the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Below is the letter that was sent to the bureau, which included an attachment of all the members who signed in support. 

Dear Ana Goold and the Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics,