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Today, Millions of Floridians Become Eligible for Affordable Health Insurance


Today, October 1st, nearly 3 million more Floridians become eligible to receive quality, affordable health insurance through the Insurance Marketplace (previously called “Exchanges”) created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as "Obamacare."

Visiting is your first step toward obtaining quality, affordable health insurance through the Marketplace.

Pres Obama Includes Gay Parents in Adoption Proclamation

President Obama has included gay parents in a proclamation recognizing November as national adoption month.

Preaching to the Converted

NEWS RELEASE: Florida Senate approves repeal of gay and lesbian adoption ban

In a bipartisan vote, the Florida Senate on Tuesday gave final approval to a bill designed to help more foster children find permanent homes. The bill also removes an outdated and unconstitutional ban on gays and lesbians adopting children.

Former Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Destin, spoke eloquently in urging his colleagues not to be swayed by objections that the measure might go against the religious principles of some private, taxpayer-supported adoption agencies.

Conversion Therapy - The Quiet Killer

Conversion Therapy - The Quiet Killer

Written By: Gina Duncan, Director of Transgender Inclusion

NEWS RELEASE: Florida House Insists On Discrimination In Adoptions

Florida House votes for discrimination

Adoption bill is unlikely to become law, but it still hurts Florida's reputation

In an ugly symbolic move, the Florida House on Thursday approved an Indiana-style discrimination bill that gives taxpayer-funded adoption agencies a “license to discriminate” against gay and lesbian couples looking to adopt.

NEWS RELEASE: Florida Senate Blocks Indiana-Style Discrimination in Adoptions!

Former Senate President Rallies Lawmakers,
Blocks Discriminatory Amendment

Vote follows fiery debate as Indiana-style measure moved forward in House