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After Nine Years, A Step Toward Justice

Last month, State Attorney Mark Ober sought and received a grand jury indictment for two counts of first–degree murder against Scott Schweikert in the 2003 killings of two young gay Tampa Bay men, Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz.

Florida Voter Information

By now we all know that every one of our votes is going to matter next Tuesday.  But do you have the information to make sure you get to vote?  Regular Equality Florida volunteer, Terry Lowman provided the ACLU website, Know Your Rights as a great guide for information on polling places, required ID, your voter registration status, early voting etc.

Join Equality Florida

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Join Equality Florida

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Join Equality Florida

Fill out my online form.

Early Voting Starts Saturday, October 27

This election year will be hotly contested and incredibly important for Florida’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. Election Day is November 6, but early voting starts this Saturday- October 27.

Your vote is critical in deciding if pro-equality candidates will win this November.

[ACTION]:Help Defeat Amendment 6 on Oct. 18

Amendment 6 on this year's ballot is dangerous for women, for LGBT and for the people that love them. We need your help to defeat Amendment 6

Last Day to Register To Vote

Today is the last day to register to vote, or change your voting address, in the state of Florida. 

To register to vote, or update your voter information, please visit the Florida Division of Elections

This year we have unprecedented opportunities to elect pro-equality candidates to all levels of office- but it doesn't matter if you can't vote! Call your local Supervisor of Elections today and make sure all of your information is up to date. 

Vote NO on Amendments 6 & 8

Florida faces many important decisions in the upcoming election- but there are some really important items that will be on your ballot you may have not heard about. 

This year there will be 11 proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot- all of which were put there by the Florida legislature (*que the alarm bells*). Two of those amendments- 6 & 8- have real consequences for Florida's LGBT community. That's why Equality Florida is saying vote NO on Amendments 6 & 8 this November.