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NEWS RELEASE: Equality Florida Applauds Sobel & Jenne for Domestic Partnership Bills

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Carlos Guillermo Smith / [email protected]


Equality Florida Applauds Sobel & Jenne for Domestic Partnership Bills

Statewide Domestic Partner Registry offers basic protections for all families ​even after marriage equality

BREAKING: Same-Sex Couples Ask Federal Court To Rule On Florida Birth Certificate Lawsuit Without A Trial


Media Contacts:
NCLR: Erik Olvera | [email protected]
EQFL: Jim Harper | [email protected]

Same-Sex Couples Ask Federal Court to Order Florida State Officials to Treat Them Equally and List Both Parents on their Children’s Birth Certificates

BREAKING: Dangerous, right-to-discriminate bill filed in FL Legislature

This bill would allow people to opt out of anti-discrimination laws

Extends beyond churches to individuals, businesses and others


STATEMENT: Orange County rescinds domestic partner benefits; we react

Orange County ends domestic partnership benefits

Here's why we think that's a mistake

BREAKING: NCLR and Equality Florida File Preliminary Injunction to Order Immediate Issuance of Birth Certificates!

NCLR and Equality Florida Ask Federal Judge to Order
Immediate Issuance of Birth Certificates Acknowledging Same-Sex Spouses as Parents

(Tallahassee, FL, October 16, 2015)—Today, the same-sex couples who filed a federal lawsuit challenging Florida’s refusal to add both of their names to their children’s birth certificates asked the court for immediate protection for their families.

BREAKING: Broward County votes to strengthen Domestic Partnership policy!

Broward updates and reaffirms its
domestic partnership ordinance

The Broward County Commission updated its domestic partnership ordinance Tuesday, adding new protections and ensuring that partnerships registered elsewhere will be recognized in Broward County.

Meet the Chin Family: Plaintiffs in the Florida Birth Certificate Lawsuit

On August 13, 2015, Debbie and Kari Chin - along with two other married same-sex couples and Equality Florida Institute - filed a federal lawsuit challenging Florida's refusal to list both same-sex spouses on their children's birth certificates.

Watch their video and read their interview to learn more about this brave couple who are heading to court to fight for Florida's LGBT families.

NEWS RELEASE: Equality Florida Asks Court to Tell Florida Officials to Follow the Law

Equality Florida Asks Court to Tell Florida Officials to
Follow the Law On Birth Certificates for Married Same-Sex Parents

August 14, 2015

(St. Petersburg) -- Florida officials responded to Equality Florida’s birth certificate lawsuit late Thursday by asking a federal judge to clarify the law. Equality Florida responded Friday by saying the law is already clear and urged District Judge Robert L. Hinkle to tell the state to start following it.


(Last Updated: 1/12/2017)


Will I have to lie about my sexual orientation in order to adopt? Can same-sex couples legally adopt in Florida?

Rick Scott's signing of HB 7013 comes with a warning…

Written by Carlos Guillermo Smith, Equality Florida's Public Policy Specialist

On June 11th, we received some pretty incredible news when Governor Rick Scott signed HB 7013 into law, and finally put an end to the 1977 ban on gay adoption ruled unconstitutional by our courts. Thanks to openly-gay State Representative David Richardson, who spearheaded the amendment that added the repeal language to an otherwise unrelated adoption bill, we can finally put this issue to rest... hopefully.