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[ACTION] Three Anti-Choice Bills Up On Tuesday

Call To Action!

Three anti-choice bills will be up the House Health and Human Services Access committee tomorrow. Call the committee now and let them know they should be focusing on the economy, not playing politics with women's lives. Equality Florida will be in the committee tomorrow speaking out against these bills, but lawmakers need to hear from you today. The complete committee list is below, but if you can only make a few calls, please focus on Chair Baxley and Vice Chair Roberson. 

Tea Partiers; Redistricting and Penguins


This was the first week of the 2012 Florida legislative session and a busy week it was. Here are some highlights from Week 1 of the Florida legislature:

First Day: Pomp and circumstance. Awake the State.

BIG NEWS: Amendment 7 Thrown Off Ballot

Big news out of Tallahassee today. Leon County Judge Terry Lewis has removed Amendment 7 from the 2012 ballot. The amendment, put on the ballot by the Republican controlled legislature, would have lifted the prohibition on state money going to religious institutions. 

Daily Show Correspondent Crashes Gov. Scott Press Conference

Governor Rick Scott's press conference today on his proposed budget was a little more exciting than usual. Assif Mandvi, a Daily Show correspondent, showed up to ask the Governor a very important question. Mandvi stood up and asked the governor if he would be willing to pee in a cup since tax payer money is going toward his job.

The Governor responded, "I've done it plenty of times."

Rick Perry Attacks Gay Soldiers; Would Reinstate DADT

Rick Perry recently came out with a new ad touting his faith and attacking gay soldiers. Watch:


Perry also did an interview with ABC News' Christine Amanpour saying he would feel comfortable reinstating DADT. Here's the transcript (pulled from the Washington Blade) from that interview:

Obama Administration Calls for LGBT Rights Abroad

The Obama Administration came out today with more bold steps for LGBT equality, this time aimed at LGBT people abroad. 

The three page memorandum, directs agencies that are engaged abroad, "to ensure that U.S. diplomacy and foreign assistance promote and protect the human rights of LGBT persons."

The memorandum directs agencies to:

Transvestigator: Record Breaking "Broward Gala" Success

Release Date: 
November 22, 2011

Tuesday, 22 November 2011 10:51

Written by Victoria Michaels

This years Annual Broward Gala featured an overwhelming crowd which included community leaders, political hopefuls, and dozens of key elected officials gathered together and helped raise a record breaking $260,000 plus for LGBT rights. The event took place Nov. 13, at the Museum Of Art in Ft Lauderdale.

GOP lawmaker introduces bill protecting women's access to contraception

Hoorah for Senator Nancy Detert! I've always liked Nancy Detert, I think she tells it like it is and thinks for herself. Today the Florida Independent released a story about one more reason why we should like Senator Nancy Detert. See the story below.


ADAP wait list dramatically cut

The day after World AIDS Day, the Florida Department of Health announced a dramatic reduction of the number of people on the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) wait list. According to an announcement yesterday by the Department, the wait list has been cut by 80%.

Today is World AIDS Day, What the Obama Administration is Doing

Today is World AIDS day. The Obama Administration has released a fact sheet entitled "The Beginning of the End of AIDS". Read to see what the President has done, and is doing on HIV/AIDS.

Most importantly, know your status. To find out more about getting tested visit