Corporations Step Up For LGBT Rights in Florida

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Written By: Christiana Lilly

Eighteen major corporations — including Marriot, Wells Fargo, Disney and Winn-Dixie — are taking a stand in the fight for LGBT equality in the corporate sector in Florida. Providing protection in the form of anti-discrimination laws for LGBT employees, they’re the newest amongst major corporations nationwide who’ve taken public action in the fight for LGBT equality in the workplace.

Currently, state law criminalizes workplace discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, genetic information and age, with no protections for the LGBT community. But if the members of the Florida Businesses for a Competitive Workplace have their way, that will change.

“To be able to retract and retain talent, it’s important that we have an inclusive workplace,” said Jason Altmire, Florida Blue’s senior vice president for public policy and community engagement.

“We get the best people when we have an inclusive workplace, and people that are the most comfortable are going to be the most productive.”

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