Legacy of Equality Society

Secure the Future of Equality for Florida. Join the Legacy of Equality Society.

Our Legacy of Equality Society is a group of generous and forward-thinking Equality Florida supporters who have made a long-range commitment to the success of our mission to bring full equality and justice to Florida’s LGBTQ community. Their gifts will benefit the next generations of LGBTQ people, whose equality battles are yet to be known. We have brought about great progress in the past and staved off fierce challenges to that progress, and the future is expected to be no different. Thanks to our Legacy of Equality Society members, Equality Florida will have the resources necessary to overcome the hurdles that lay ahead. We will make Florida a safe and affirming place for all, no matter a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

In recognition of their commitment, each Legacy of Equality Society member receives:

  • Permanent recognition in all Legacy of Equality Society materials
  • Tickets to Legacy of Equality Society luncheons or receptions in many areas
  • Beautiful Legacy of Equality Society pin





Charitable Legacies Benefit You and Future Floridians.

Estate planning is a smart move for everyone … no matter their age or financial situation. Don’t let it slip and allow your valuable assets to pass to those you don’t want to benefit - including the state! And remember that including a charitable gift - no matter what size - in your estate plan leaves a lasting legacy that reflects your values and helps determine what Florida will look like decades from now. Legacies, by their nature, help ensure our organization’s financial sustainability.

Depending on your circumstances, charitable gifts - which cost nothing now - can also provide current and future tax benefits. Because every situation is different and we are not tax experts, we encourage you to speak with a tax professional about any benefits that may be available.


Equality Florida has a partnership with FreeWill, a cost-free, streamlined, and intuitive online platform that takes the guesswork out of creating or updating a will, and ensures a meaningful legacy by connecting users with their favorite non-profits. In just 20 minutes, from the comfort of their homes, Equality Florida supporters can now ensure that LGBTQ rights will be protected for years to come. Once you have completed your will at FreeWill.com, get in touch with us about joining the Legacy of Equality Society.



Anonymous (multiple)
The Late Stephen Jay Alterman
The Late Charlotte Anderson
James Doig Anderson & Rafael Enrique Catala
Frank Archangelo
Joseph Arena & Dr. Thomas D'Eletto
Daniel Ayers & Tony Seguino
Alexander C. Baer
Mark Barr
Scott Bennett
Daniel Benoit
Gary Berke
Jimmy Biascan
Walt Blenner & Greg Morris
David Bloom
Michael Bombar
David Bonazzoli
Christopher Boykin & Stratton Pollitzer
Joel Briskman & Joseph Peace
Kristen Browde
Richard Bunyan
Lee Camarigg
Rene Cantu
Nicholas Cardello & Kurt English
Joshua & Bill Caswell
Bob Coates
Brad Coath
Patrick Cosgrove
Katherine Coss & Lisa Bechard
David Costa
Daniel Cotlowitz & Timothy Saltsman
Rob Curry
Phillip Cushman
Deon Davis
The Late Philip Dearborn
Daniel Denton
Michael Desarro
Doreen DiBiagio & Nancy Corporon
Phil Dinkins & Ed Lally
Jack Doren
Ronald Dovel & Thomas Lahr
Todd Edwards
Susanne & Marty Ellman
David Etherington & Jeffery Dunn
Jared Falek & Don Chorpenning
Marty Falzack & the Late Harry Blumenfeld
Dana Farmer & Karen Stanford
Dr. Roy Finley
Jeff Fix
Ken Flick & DC Allen
Leslie Ford & Spero Krevatas
Joseph W. Forton
Meryl C. Friedman
Terry Gaw & Michael Mullins
Bill Geller
Mark Gillman & Jeff Nall
The Glance/Mellerup Revocable Trust, Rick Glance & Bob Mellerup, Trustees
Larry & Carlos Glinzman-Murphy
Francine Goldberg & Harriet Leyden
Glenn Goldberg
Sidney Goldenberg
David Andrew Gordon
The Late Mark D. Gordon & Aldo Buono
Jayant Goyle & Gregory Dudzek
Mitchell Grant
Eric Green
Richard Grillo
Robert Grossman
Tom Hall & Kenny Jewett
The Hamilton-Horner Marital Trust, John Hamilton & Eric Horner, Trustees
Dr. David N. Handley Charitable Trust
Harry Harkins
Adam Hartnett
Ed Hartnett & Frank Bermudez
Marlene Hauck
J. Michael Heider, DDS & the Late Daniel Thomas Carr III
Annie Hiotis
John Hixenbaugh
Nace Hopple, Jr.
Troy Hostetler
Sonny Hotchkiss
Vicki Hyatt & Matthew Solan
Row Iliescu
Don Diaz Johnston
Steven R. Kalt & Robert D. Heeren
Sharon Kersten
Stephen A. Koch
Nate & Raphael Klarfeld
Robert Kuhn
James LaBrie
The Late Diane M. Lamontagne & the Late Carol R. Greene
Cody Larimore
The Late Thom Leffler
Anthony LoGrande & Fabian Rodriguez Ocana
Cliff Maher & Tom Maiello
Mason Manion & Cody Thurber
Brian Marquez
Alfredo Martinez-Garcia
Todd Masnicki
Loralei Matisse
Sasha May & Scott J. Moore
Graham McDougall & Rick Shopfner
Pete McGahan & Steve Yelich
Susan McGrath
Kent McIntyre & John Tambasco
The Late James Mennella
Richard Meyerson
Sandra Miranda
Rudy Molinet & Jeffrey Shearer
Carlos Murphy
The Late Dr. Fred Murray
Richard Myracle
The Late Sandy Neubarth
Joe Mutti & Peter Oramas
Oliver Nelson
Marisha Nowak & Samuel Thayer
Mark O'Hara
Jennie & Ken O'Leary
The Late Crag Orear
Ayenny Orovio
Joe Pallant
Allen Peterson & Stephen Draft
Doug Pew & Don Croxton
Runar Polluson
Robert Prather
Joe Pumphrey
Mark Puskarich
Laurel Quarberg & Sarah Munford
Todd Richardson
Jeff & Scott Roehm-Perlman
Tracy Rose
Joe Saunders
John Scheffel
Robin Schwartz
John Seibert
Marjorie Sherwin & the Late Rose Walton
Barbara Signer & Fran Epstein
Andrea Hildebran Smith & Nadine Smith
Paul M. Smith & Gerald O. Kennedy
Sylvia Smith
The Late Michael Sporn
The Late Jim Stepp & Peter Zimmer
Susanna Taddei
The Late Kevin Thompson
Steve Trigilio & Frank Reynolds
Brent & Daniel VanTice
Don Walker & the Late James Michael Collins
Jim Walker & Lee Rubin
Bill Ward
Anthony Watson
David L. Webb & W. Lynn McLaughlin
B. Rodney White & Michael P. Williams
Ed Wilson
Paul Winters
Brandon Wolf
Michael Womack
Robyn Anne Wright
Amanda Zantal-Wiener