Domestic Partnership Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in passing a domestic partnership registry in your community. This is intended to be a guide to help you understand the components that are necessary to pass the best policy and to help you develop the campaign you’ll need to get the job done.

What is a domestic partnership registry?

Domestic partnerships (DP) grant certain health-care, child care and burial rights to committed couples who are not married. A registry is a term for the mechanism through which these rights are afforded. Typically, eligible couples fill out forms through the Clerk of Court in their City, pay a nominal fee and are then registered and recognized by that municipality. Registries afford domestic partners the rights and responsibilities afforded to married couples within that jurisdiction. Domestic partnerships are not recognized by the federal government, or the state of Florida and have no bearing on taxes or federal benefits.

Click here to download our Local Policy Toolkit on how to pass Domestic Partnership legislation in your community. 

Need More Info?

If you need more info about domestic partnerships or want to see what other communities in Florida have passed policies, please visit If you have questions please e-mail Mallory Garner-Wells, Equality Florida’s Public Policy Director, at [email protected].