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For Children of Same-Sex Parents, A School Aid Maze

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One more reason to end marriage discrimination Here's the latest from the New York Times

It took five attempts for one prospective college student and her mother to fill out the 106-question federal form that would determine whether she would be eligible for financial aid. And that was not just because the form was frustratingly complicated. 

What tripped them up was the fact that the student had two legal mothers — and the form had room for only one.

Opening eyes and hearts to gay adoptions

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Published: September 21, 2011

In Florida today, nearly 2,000 children are living in what's nicely called "out of home care." Approximately 850 children are waiting to be adopted. Because parents cannot care for them, they live temporarily with a grandparent or other relative, in foster care or some other kind of temporary shelter.

These temporary homes are better than nothing, but most are not the best environment for a child, especially one whose life has been disrupted by family violence, loss of a home or other traumas.

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Today is the one year anniversary of the fall of Florida's anti-gay adoption ban.

Over the past year, hundreds of parents have finally been able to adopt the children they have been raising but they now have the legal protections only adoption can provide. Others have stepped forward to adopt children stuck in foster care who want desperately to have a permanent family and a loving forever home.