Join #TheNEAT! Make Calls From Home!


Earlier this month, the Jacksonville City Council introduced an update to their Human Rights Ordinance (HRO) that would protect LGBTQ citizens in housing, employment and public spaces.

A victory in Jacksonville would mean nearly 1 million more Floridians will live in a place with these basic LGBTQ protections, joining cities like Tampa, Orlando, and Miami. And, this victory could push momentum forward to pass a statewide non-discrimination law!

To move the #JaxHRO forward, City officials need to hear from the over 15,000 Jacksonville residents who support these protections. We need you to make calls from home to connect these supporters to their Council Members' offices, so they can voice their support! Can I count on you to give just 3 hours of your time for LGBTQ equality?

Once you sign up, our partners at the Jacksonville Coalition for Equality and NEAT (the National Equality Action Team) will provide all the training and resources you need to be successful.

Make sure to sign up here: