Voter Mobilization


350,000 Voices for Equality

The gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community in Florida has become a defining feature of our state’s polticial landscape. More and more candidates are recognizing that the LGBT community is an engaged and united electorate that supports and empowers our leader’s who embrace equality.

Since our founding in 1997, Equality Florida has identified nearly 350,000 same-sex and pro-LGBT voter households in Florida.

Each cycle our public policy team surveys candidates in local, state and national elections about issues and policies that our members care about. The survey data is transformed into comprehensive voter guides that showcase candidate postions on critical issues like local non-discrimination policies, anti-bullying policies, adoption by gay parents and marriage equality.

Our field team uses cutting edge technologies, state of the art voter contact techniques and data driven best practices to communicate with our growing voter file. Thirteen years of elections has built voter education and turnout programs that have been recognized by some of the best strategists in Florida – and have a record of success.


Equality Florida Action PAC

In 2007 we formed the Equality Florida Action PAC to make direct candidate endorsements for our strongest champions. 

Equality Florida Action PAC endorses in all levels of government in Florida, from school board to governor. If you are a candidate who wishes to apply for an endorsement from the Equality Florida Action PAC please submit your candidate questionnaire by clicking here.