Democratic Lawmaker Says Florida Gov. Scott Used Zika, Hurricane as Excuses to Not Sign Promised LGBT Protections

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Activists Say Rick Scott Promised an Executive Order After Pulse. It's Been a Year, but No Action.

A Democratic state lawmaker is blasting Florida's Republican governor, Rick Scott, for what he says is a "broken promise" to enact protections for the LGBT community. State Rep. Carlos Guillermo-Smith, who formerly worked as a governmental affairs manager for the LGBT civil rights group Equality Florida, says after the terror attack on Orlando's Pulse the governor promised to protect LGBT people. Now, Rep. Guillermo-Smith says the governor has reneged on the promise of a nondiscrimination order, while his office offered multiple excuses for not taking action to protect LGBT people – including the Zika outbreak.

“We were given every indication by the Governor’s Office that they would get this done,” Guillermo-Smith told WFTV. “After weeks and months and months of delays, we realized this had now become a broken promise.”

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