We could still lose marriage in Utah and New Mexico

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Written By: Matt Baume

We end the year with big marriage wins in Utah and New Mexico. But those victories could still be overturned. We’ll have the latest on attempts to undo marriage in those states. We’ve also seen some major steps towards equality in Oregon, Ohio, Florida, Arkansas and Illinois. Plus, AFER has date for a hearing in its Virginia case.

Well Christmas came a little early this year, with marriage equality in Utah and New Mexico. This brings the total number of states with marriage to 18. Nearly 40% of Americans now live in a state where LGBT couples can marry.

During just the first week of marriage in Utah, clerks issued over twelve thousand marriage licenses. But this win isn’t final yet. Although state’s request for an emergency stay was denied by both the district court and an appellate court, they’re now working on an appeal to the US Supreme Court. We’re expecting that filing any day now.

As you might expect, polling in Utah is pretty grim. For now, most residents oppose relationship recognition. But as in every other state, support is steadily on the rise.

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