Equality Florida calls on its members to thank former NFL punter for advocating for same-sex marriage

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Written By: Mitch Perry

Although significant strides have been made in the professional sports world in recent years regarding gay rights (think of how many players and teams got behind the "It Gets Better" campaign created by Dan Savage), it's still not exactly an arena of progressive thoughts on such issues.

If you don't think so, read former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe's piece in Deadspin posted last Thursday that has become an Internet sensation.

Called "I Was An NFL player Until I Was Fired by Two Bigots and a Coward," Kluwe writes about how he is "confident" that his outspoken advocacy for same-sex marriage was the reason the Vikings cut him from their roster last year after eight strong seasons as their punter.

Now Equality Florida, the leading LGBT group in the state, is calling on its members to Kluwe send a letter supporting him for his "forceful, passionate, and fearless voice" on the issue.

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