Come Out With Pride 2014: Marriage equality in the Florida courts

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Written by: Erin Sullivan

Here’s the good news: The multitude of legal rulings in Florida courts declaring the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage, well, unconstitutional has made it clear that the tide is finally turning in favor of marriage equality.

Here’s the bad news: Our state is still run by social conservatives who are stubbornly defending that ban, and Attorney General Pamela Jo Bondi is going to the mat for it. On Aug. 28, she even attempted to get the state’s courts to simply stop hearing cases related to gay marriage, insisting that we should just wait until the U.S. Supreme Court finally gets around to making a decision on the matter. You know, someday.

But advocates for gay marriage are a force of nature, and they’ve managed to get no less than seven high-profile cases before various state and federal courts. Here are the key legal battles that have been paving the way (or, perhaps more accurately, plowing through the bullshit) to make marriage equality in Florida possible. During this pride week, be proud of the people dedicating their lives to making sure these cases are heard.

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