How Equality Florida’s Plaintiff Dream Team Might Win More Than A Lawsuit

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Written by: Arianna Prothero

The lawsuits challenging Florida’s ban on gay marriage are piling up. But what does it take to win -- especially in the court of public opinion? It takes just the right kind of plaintiffs.

Catherina Pareto and Karla Arguello live with their son in Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood on a quiet street-- the kind that turns into an unofficial playground in the evening for the neighborhood kids. The street is lined with quaint houses peaking out from behind lush, Florida vegetation.

Hanging on the gate to Pareto and Arguello’s front yard is an Easter sign that says “every bunny is welcome.”

Pareto and Arguello have been together for over a decade. Pareto is a financial advisor, and Arguello recently left her job in corporate finance to stay at home with their one year old son, Enzo. They say although they face certain challenges as a gay couple, their lives are mostly like any other family

“We got to mow our lawn like everybody else, we got to pay our bills, we got to make dinner. We have the same difficulty trying to sit through a dinner and a have a conversation, an adult conversation.”

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