Six Months After DOMA Ruling, Florida Gay-Rights Group Says Lawsuit Imminent

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Gay marriage supporters say Floridians’ perception of the practice has changed so much in the past five years that they predict marriage equality will come to the state by 2016. Advocacy group Equality Florida is planning a legal strategy at the same time it continues a public opinion campaign and pushes new protections for LGBT people in the statehouse.

Emily Kaiser is a South Florida native, and she’s about to graduate from Florida State University in May. But when she thinks about her dream job, she says, she doesn’t see it being in the Sunshine State.

“I really, really want to move out to Colorado. I mean: A) Gay marriage is legalized there. B) It’s beautiful…” she says while sitting at lunch in Tallahassee.

Kaiser, who identifies as a lesbian, isn’t in a relationship right now. But she says she takes her rights into consideration when planning her future.

“If it goes as how they predict, that in a few years there will be marriage equality, I might stick around a little bit longer because I’ve grown up my entire life living in Florida,” she says.

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