Community town hall meeting was necessary

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Community town hall meeting was necessary

November 6, 2013



After reading the article, "Legislators hold gay community town hall," by Anthony Man, it is always reassuring to see government officials support the LGBT community, especially in Florida.

Being an advocate for gay marriage, it seems like some progress is being made in trying to pass statewide domestic partnership. Two South Florida state legislators — Rep. Perry Thurston and state Sen. Maria Sachs — have the right idea on obtaining votes from this struggling community. But along with their support, they will in turn have the support of more individuals who advocate for gay rights. So they will have my vote.

The town hall meetings that took place provided the LGBT community a way to make itself heard, and I thank the Equality Florida group for holding the meeting and giving this community more hope. It's difficult not to remain a skeptic of what these legislators will promise or Florida's overall decision on the matter, but community involvement is essential to this problem.

Mia Gonzalez, Tamarac


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