South Florida Teens Want Marriage Equality

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  With the recent addition of Hawaii, 15 states now allow gay marriage. Florida is not one of them.

Most South Florida teens, however, support gay marriage.

“I’m OK with gay marriage,” said Rose Ferron, a junior at Atlantic High. She jokingly added that we should instead oppose “Hollywood marriages” that do not last very long.

    “All humans are equal," said Jessica Kane, an Atlantic High sophomore, "and there is no difference between the fight for gay marriage and the fight years ago for multiracial marriage. You can’t control who you love.” 

   Victor Santos, another Atlantic sophomore, said the problem is in the wording.  "I think there is nothing wrong with gay marriage, but what I think offends people is calling it marriage. I think people believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I think two people of the same sex should be called something else.”

“Personally, I’m neutral about gay marriage," Atlantic junior Amy Lindemann said. "If people are in love, it’s okay and it’s not hurting other people.”    Even if teens aren't for gay marriage, they tend not to stand against it.

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