Meet The Parents — On The Frontline of Marriage Equality Fight

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By Trudy Ring

Opponents of marriage equality love to say their position is based in concern for children. They invoke the mantra that every child deserves a mother and a father – and, of course, they see parenting in terms of rigid gender roles, so heaven forbid that a child be raised by two parents of the same sex or, for that matter, a single parent.

But the fact is, many same-sex couples are parents (and their children are doing just fine, by the way), and many of these parents have joined in the lawsuits challenging bans on same-sex marriage around the nation. While childless couples need and deserve equal marriage rights as well, the marriage equality fight has a special resonance for parents. The couples featured in this photo essay can bear witness to some of the problems that arise when the law recognizes only one of them as a parent and considers the other a legal stranger to the children they both love.

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