Parents push Volusia County School Board toward better transgender policies

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Deltona, Fla.- Two families are pushing back against Volusia School Board policies that prevent their transgender children from using restrooms and facilities aligned with their gender identities.

Kyle Mournian, a senior student who was born a female but is now a fully transitioned male, was told by staff at Deltona High School he couldn’t use the boy’s restroom or other facilities despite the fact that he identifies as a boy, has been taking hormones for more than a year and has a girlfriend.

Mournian is identified on his passport as a male and on his driver’s license, and his birth certificate will say the same when they are changed within the next couple months. The family wants the school district to change the student’s name and sex on his paperwork to reflect his identity and update current policies that don’t address rights and protections for transgender students.

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