Pulse survivor: Gov. Scott 'cold,' 'out of step with community'

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One year ago I witnessed hell. Standing in a dark bathroom at Pulse nightclub, I choked down tears, held onto a dozen trembling bodies, and breathed in gun smoke. We were unarmed; we were under attack.

But the sad reality is, the LGBTQ community is no stranger to attacks. In 2017, it is legal for Floridians to be denied housing, public accommodations, and even fired simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. In the 21st century, employers can hand us a pink slip for the person we fall in love with.

In the aftermath of Pulse, I saw a tremendous outpouring of support. People from across the state sent words of encouragement, donated blood and pitched in dollars to help families put their lives back together. Neighbors came together and promised to protect people in their communities.

One Floridian, however, has broken with his community and slammed the door on his LGBTQ neighbors. He has spouted promises, only to turn a deaf ear to pleas for a state that rejects hatred.

That cold Floridian so out of step with his community? Gov. Rick Scott.

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