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[OPINION Piece by Nadine Smith at The] As a black lesbian who also heads Equality Florida, the state LGBT advocacy group, I initially wasn’t going to write about the accusations that our lieutenant governor Jennifer Carroll was caught in her office having sex with a female subordinate.
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  No candidate should appeal to homophobia or attack our families for political gain. But when one does, it's important that we speak up.
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It sounds like the greatest comic book ever written, but it's something better! Some prominent lesbians have gotten together to form a super PAC to support candidates that champion LGBT and women's rights.  Some of the high powered lesbians who helped launch the PAC include Jane Lynch from Glee; tennis legend Billie Jean King; Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin; and Chicago Cubs co-owner Laura Ricketts.
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[from the Charleston City Paper] Tolerance is Prosperous by Will Moredock
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When: July 6th, 10:30a.m.
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Last night the City of Sarasota voted to move forward on creating a domestic partnership registry.  The unanimous vote by the Sarasota City Commission directed the City Attorney to draft language, that if passed, would make Sarasota the most recent city in Florida to adopt a domestic partnership registry. Recently, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Orlando, Orange County and Volusia County have all adopted registries. 
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Check out this great article from the Daytona Beach News- Journal about the recently opened domestic partnership registry in Volusia County. The couples quoted in the article sound so elated- it's a great reminder of how the work being done really impacts the lives of people across the state. 
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EQFL NOTE: Equality Florida is thrilled to see Moffitt Cancer Center recognized for their commitment to workplace diversity and for treating all patients and their families with the same high level of respect and professionalism. Brian Winfield, managing director for Equality Florida, is chair of Moffitt Cancer Center's Diversity Advisory Board, which he has served on for five years, and was influtential in garnering this recognition for Moffitt. Moffitt's press release follows:  
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Here is an important note from our friends at the Jacksonville Committee for Equality:
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Today, the Rules Committee for the Jacksonville City Council voted again to delay voting on the proposed human rights ordinance (HRO) change to include sexual orientation and gender identity.
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Please take a moment to watch this special public policy update. This year we face unprecedented opportunities - and unprecedented challenges.
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The Gainesville Equality Florida Office is looking for volunteers to help make calls to candidates on June 18 and 19th.
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Experience an exciting, provocative evening of new short plays read by a dynamic, celebrity cast, written by some of America's most illustrious playwrights as they offer their unique takes on the moments before, during, and after "I do."
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  Clark Univeristy is looking for participants for a project exploring the perspectives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and transgender (LGBQT) parents who reside in Florida and have been living there since before 2008.
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  Monday, June 18 Domestic Partnership 101