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"The truth shall set you free.”  This powerful verse from the bible is one of my favorite quotations from scripture. Truth and honesty are among the most important tenets of the world’s great religions; indeed, one of the Ten Commandments admonishes that “you shall not lie”. 
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Last week, a bi-partisan bill was introduced that would give federal workers domestic partner benefits. In the Senate, the bill was introduced by Senator Joe Lieberman, an Independent and Senator Susan Collins, a Republican. In the House, openly gay Representative Tammy Baldwin and our favorite Florida Republican ally, Ilena Ros-Lehinten.  The bill allows federal employees and their same-sex domestic partners to participate in federal retirement, worker's compensation, life insurance, health insurance, and family medical leave benefits.
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The Transgender Day of Remembrance, which honors the memory of those murdered because of transphobia, or the fear of transgender and gender non-conforming people, is recognized annually on November 20.
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Monday night progressive dream-boat, Representative Scott Randolph, was elected chair of the Orange County Democratic Executive Committee. He replaces out going chair Amy Mercado. Representative Randolph has been a champion for Democratic issues in Tallahassee, including sponsoring pro-LGBT legislation. Earlier this year he made national news by daring to say the word "uterus" on the House floor. 
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The redistricting process is being played out in Tallahassee and it appears legislators will soon be voting on maps. Throughout the last few weeks, Senate and House committees have been reviewing proposed maps, many of them proposed by members of the public. Yesterday, the Senate Reapportionment Committee finished it's hearings on southwest Florida and said it would be ready to vote on the maps after the Thanksgiving holiday. Chairman Don Gaetz said the maps will be released on Nov. 28 and will be debated starting the week of Dec. 6.
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 (photo courtesy of Carlos Smith) Last week, representatives of Equality Florida went to the White House for a Florida Community Leaders Briefing. I joined other Equality Florida staff and leadership volunteers for a day long briefing to get the latest on what the administration is doing on jobs; healthcare; the environment; education and LGBT rights. 
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On Thursday, November 10th, Equality Florida was honored as the "Most Effective LGBT Organization" by the readers of Watermark - Central Florida's premier LGBT newspaper.
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The Council of 1000 is a growing team of donors who have committed to donating at least $1,000 each major election cycle directly to candidates who will fight for the full legal rights of the LGBT community. As a Council of 1000 member you'll get in-depth analysis of top races in the state where your donation can have the biggest impact.
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Michael Smith Wins Largo City Commission Race! Great news! Tonight Michael Smith won his historic race to become the first LGBT person to win a seat on the Largo City Commission. Michael defeated a long time incumbent known for her anti-gay beliefs. The victory is sweeter because of the incumbent's history of appealing to prejudice. She led the charge to have the City Manager fired for being transgender. Michael's opponent appealed to homophobia once again, but the tactic backfired. Longtime supporters deserted her and Michael won tonight’s election with 53.97% of the vote. Thank you to all of the Equality Florida members who supported Michael’s campaign. The evening was a clean sweep for all the Equality Florida PAC endorsed candidates. Congratulations are also in order to Steve Kornell, Charles Gerdes and Wengay Newton. Click after the jump to see Equality Florida Action PACs Endorsement of Michael Smith
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What an extraordinary night! Our 2011 Orlando Gala exceeded all expectations and proved once again that Central Florida is leading the way in helping to secure full equality for Florida's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.
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Companies must treat domestic partners and married couples equally
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Great new study out of Ohio shows the impact of homophobia on the economy.  "The perception that there is prejudice against gay and lesbians by conservative groups is strong enough to be picked up in market prices,” - Susane Leguizamon of Tulane University in New Orleans.
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President Obama has included gay parents in a proclamation recognizing November as national adoption month.
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Equality Florida is proud to partner with our friends at the Human Rights Campaign on their National bus tour. The HRC bus will be setting up in a few strategic locations around town and we want you to come out and show support!   Details on the different events are below. Join Equality Florida, HRC Orlando, the Center and MBA Orlando as we use this weekend to educate or friends and neighbors about the important work happening at the national level.       
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Last week we put the word out that due to funding cuts in Broward Schools, we needed to raise $1,800 immediately to pay for buses to get students to our leadership summit. We needed your help and you really came through!  We've raised over $3,500 - almost twice our original goal!