Professional Trainings

Equality Florida is the leader in providing LGBTQ culturally competent professional development to organizations across the state. Specifically, we work deeply within school districts to ensure the principals, assistant principals, counselors, psychologists, social workers, teachers, and school resource officers are prepared to build positive and inclusive school environments. Within the past two years, approximately 5,500+ individuals have already been trained in almost all Florida counties. Equality Florida provides the following trainings below. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in setting up a training within your district or organization.

LGBTQ Culturally Competent Best Practices Training (1.5-3hrs)

Transgender Youth Needs
"Supporting our Transgender Students: Implementing a Gender Support Plan for Student Safety and Well-Being" (1-1.5hrs)

Discipline and the LGBTQ Community
"Tools to Protect our LGBTQ Students from Disproportionate Discipline" (1-1.5hrs)

Positive School Climate
"Creating Safe and Inclusive Classroom Strategies and Pedagogy to Support LGBTQ Youth" (1-1.5hrs)

Gender Non-Binary Youth Needs
"Gender Non-Binary/Expansive Children: Understanding Needs and Supporting Gender Expansive Schools" (1-1.5hrs)

"When Identities Intersect: Working toward Equity and Anti-Bias in Schools" (1-1.5hrs)

LGBTQ Curriculum Integration
"Developing Schools that Incorporate LGBTQ Curriculum to Create Environments that are Inclusive, Responsive, and Transformative" (1-1.5hrs)