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Equality Florida Raises Over $9.5M For Pulse Victims Releases New Video from Survivors and Orlando Leaders GoFundMe Pledges $100,000 matching grant to new “Honor Them With Action” campaign
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Equality Florida Endorses Gun Violence Prevention Policies Will partner with gun safety advocates & other allies to combat epidemic of gun violence ORLANDO, FL - Today, Equality Florida made a significant policy announcement to formally endorse common sense gun violence prevention policies in response to the hate-fueled attack in Orlando this past June, targeting the LGBTQ community at Pulse nightclub’s Latin night.
Posted on 2016-09-15 by Brittany.
Posted on 2016-09-15 by Brittany.
Congratulations to Gina Duncan, Equality Florida's transgender inclusion director, for her recognition at the upcoming 14th Annual TSA Conference on September 20, 2016 at the Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City! Gina is being recognized as a result of her collaboration and training of the TSA workforce. While Gina is not able to attend the event, we are so excited about this well-deserved honor!
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Equality Florida Launches Groundbreaking Safe and Healthy Schools Project As School Year Begins  
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Meet the Interns: Robbie Dickerson (Faith Outreach Intern - Based in Orlando) 1. Tell us a little about yourself...
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Written By: Jennifer Lynn Teliga
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Sept 12 Deadline for Pulse Victim’s Fund As Disbursement Set Equality Florida’s Pulse Victims Fund Now Over $8M
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25 WINS, 5 LOSSES Equality Florida Action PAC endorsed candidates had a strong day yesterday - 25 won their primary elections and 5 fell short.
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#ForThe49: LGBTQ Advocates to Hold Press Conference & Rally to End Hate as Mike Pence Campaigns in Sarasota  
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Written By: Amber Paoloemilio
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I Am Florida: Mathew Myers The 'Back to School' Experience Story by: Jennie Reiken  
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Written by: Jaison Hawkes Jaison is the son of SueZie Hawkes who sits on our TransAction Florida Advisory Council  
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Written By: Gina Duncan, EQFL's Transgender Inclusion Dir.
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Written By: Nadine Smith, CEO of Equality Florida  
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Equality Florida Condemns Rubio’s Remarks at extremist Anti-LGBT Conference on anniversary of Pulse Shooting
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Brandon Wolf, a survivor of the Pulse massacre who lost dear friends that night, was unable to join us at the Rally to End Hate #ForThe49. The statement below was read on his behalf. We send all our love, support, and solidarity to Brandon and the countless members of our community who will carry the Pulse tragedy in their hearts forever.