Posted on 2021-01-25 by Brittany.
  Orlando, FL - In 2012, then-Vice President Joe Biden called transgender rights the “civil rights issue of our time”. Now, President Biden is working furiously to address that, reversing the previous administration’s bigoted ban on transgender military service members.
Posted on 2021-01-21 by Brittany.
  MIAMI, FL - Just hours after being sworn in, President Biden signed an executive order implementing the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County to ensure protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity extend to all federal agencies.
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  Statement on the Inauguration of the Biden-Harris Administration from Equality Florida's Executive Director, Nadine Smith:
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  Statement from Equality Florida's Director of Transgender Equality, Gina Duncan, on the historic appointment of Dr. Rachel Levine as Assistant Secretary of Health: "President-Elect Biden committed to an administration that reflects the diversity of America. Today, by the historic nomination of Dr. Rachel Levine to be his assistant secretary of health, Biden stands true to his words that people should not be judged by their gender identity, but by their leadership and essential expertise needed to pull the nation out of this pandemic.
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  Last week, we witnessed in shock and horror as Trump supporters violently attacked the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to dismantle our democratic process. A police officer was murdered and dozens more were hospitalized before Congressional leaders, their staff, and the Vice President were finally safe.
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  Make School Safe for LGBTQ Kids: School safety is a life or death issue for LGBTQ youth, who face higher risks of bullying, assault, homelessness, substance abuse, and suicide attempts. Equality Florida’s Safe and Healthy Schools Program is the most ambitious school-based program ever undertaken on behalf of LGBTQ students. In the coming year, with you as our partner, we will:
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  Let the celebration begin: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been elected the next President and Vice President of the United States! For months, you’ve been on the frontlines with us: calling and texting voters, donating, marching, and making sure we didn’t leave a single vote on the table. Because of you, we just elected the most pro-LGBTQ presidential ticket in U.S. history!
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  The presidency wasn’t decided last night - and until it is, you can be certain Equality Florida joins the national demand that every ballot be counted. Yesterday brought big heartbreaking losses and some heroic victories. I wanted to share a few of those bright spots with you and the historic gains you helped make for our community:
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  ORLANDO, FL - Equality Florida will honor State Representative Anna V. Eskamani with a Voice For Equality Award at its Virtual Greater Orlando Gala on Friday, October 30. The Voice for Equality Award is bestowed annually upon a person who, with courage, passion and unwavering commitment, moves Florida’s LGBTQ community closer to full equality.
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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla - Equality Florida will present The Voice for Equality Award to Chasten Buttigieg, and Mayor Justin Flippen will be remembered with The Legacy of Equality Award, at the organization’s 18th Annual Equality Florida VIRTUAL Broward Celebration on Saturday, November 7th.
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Statement from Joe Saunders re: Jason Brodeur’s new ad doubling down on lies about his homophobic adoption policy Orlando, Fla – Below, please find a statement from former state lawmaker and Equality Florida Action PAC's Joe Saunders:
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  Jacksonville, Fla - Equality Florida Action PAC, the state’s largest LGBTQ PAC, has vetted and endorsed thousands of Florida candidates over the last two decades, but never before has it endorsed in a clerk of courts race - until today.
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Equality Florida, the state’s largest LGBTQ advocacy organization, grows in strength and in staff. Today, Equality Florida announced the largest elections team in its 23-year history, bringing the staff total to 16.
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Jason Brodeur’s Anti-LGBTQ Record Prompts Florida’s Largest LGBTQ PAC To Set the Record Straight with $125,000 Ad Campaign
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The Florida Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights released an advisory memorandum to the Commission following a series of public meetings and collection of public testimony on voting rights in the state. In this study, the Committee sought to evaluate voter access in Florida, with a particular emphasis on areas of concern that may demonstrate a disparate impact on protected classes under the Voting Rights Act.
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Equality Florida, the state’s leading LGBTQ rights organization, has joined forces with Step Up For Students, the state’s largest K-12 scholarship organization, to bring LGBTQ awareness training to private schools wishing to participate.
Posted on 2020-09-22 by Brittany.
  Equality Florida Action, Inc. Makes First-Ever Federal Endorsement, Backs Joe Biden for President