Equality Florida Celebrates Powerful Statewide Student Walkouts Opposing "Don't Say Gay" Bill

Equality Florida Celebrates Powerful Statewide Student Walkouts

TALLAHASSEE, FL - Today, students across the State of Florida led peaceful walkouts to protest the hateful Don’t Say Gay bill moving in the legislature, including a march that led over 100 Tallahassee-area students inside the Capitol building. In response, Equality Florida issued the following statement:

“Today, those who will be most impacted by this dangerous piece of legislation -- Florida students -- mobilized by the thousands to walk out of class and demand a stop to the Don’t Say Gay bill. Their courage and resilience is to be applauded as they stand tall in the face of unprecedented bigotry in the legislature that would muzzle their teachers and erase them from classroom discussion.

Students, parents, teachers, and medical professionals are outraged by the specific provisions of this bill that threaten to censor discussion of LGBTQ youth, families, and history. Bill sponsors and leadership have rejected every attempt to compromise and amend this bill to address serious concerns of the LGBTQ community. In fact, the bill language is so extreme, it inspired seven Republicans to vote against it in the House, including a teacher and a child welfare advocate. This demonstrates that those who work most closely with children and students understand how damaging it truly is.

The upcoming vote in the Senate vote is the final chance for the Legislature to stand alongside the brave students who marched today and do what is right. Governor DeSantis can stop this today by signaling to the Senate he does not support anti-LGBTQ discrimination in our state.”

Photos and videos from today’s Tallahassee protests can be accessed here.







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