Highlight from last weekend's Equality Campaign Training

This weekend more than 50 activists from every corner of the state gathered in Orlando for intensive grassroots training. It was really intense, and while I think we all left needing a good long nap, I sincerely believe that this gathering will bring Equality Florida and our movement here in Florida to a whole new level.
There were so many poignant and clarifying moments throughout the weekend, but I wanted to be sure that we shared this one with as many people as possible.
This moment wasn't scheduled and yet, as these things usually go, it will remain one of my most cherished and moving memories from this experience.
Enjoy this brave performance by Nicki Drumb of her original poem "I'll Be Damned".

We'll be sharing more thoughts and memories from last weekend with you soon. We also welcome and encourage you to share your own with us.


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