Highest Ranking LGBT Obama Admin Official Delivers Stirring Pride Speech | Advocate.com

Berry Delivers Stirring Pride Speech | Advocate.com

John Berry, the highest-ranking openly LGBT official in the Obama administration, delivered a stirring and poignant appeal to Justice Department employees at their Pride celebration.

Berry paid tribute to the “patrons of the Stonewall bar” and Frank Kameny, the gay rights icon who fought to eradicate discriminatory practices in the federal workforce, before citing his own experiences as a gay man to simultaneously touch and challenge the hearts of those sitting before him.

The goal of the LGBT movement is simple, he said. “All Americans should be free to work where their skills enable them, free to share equally in every right as well as every responsibility and burden of citizenship, and free to love and pursue happiness no more and no less than our fellow Americans.”

Berry, well aware his LGBT peers


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